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Austin 10 engine bay
Austin 101 commercial
Austin 1300GT
Austin 6 Hearse
Austin 6 saloon
Austin 6 saloon in red
Austin 6 with vintage caravan
Austin 7 front view
Austin 7 front wheel closeup
Austin 7 Nippy
Austin 7 on show
Austin 7 pickup
Austin 7 rear view
Austin 7 Ulster
Austin 7 van in dark blue
Austin 7 van in light blue
Austin 7 with roof folded
Austin 8 DHC
Austin 8 grille
Austin A135 Princess
Austin A30 2 door
Austin A30 2 door osr view
Austin A30 2 door rear view
Austin A30 and A35
Austin A30 dragster front view
Austin A30 dragster interior
Austin A30 dragster rear view
Austin A30 engine bay
Austin A30 on a transporter
Austin A30 van
Austin A35 2door in black
Austin A35 5cwt van
Austin A35 Estate
Austin A35 pickup
Austin A35 racing car
Austin A35 rally car
Austin A35 with Barrie Williams
Austin A40 Devon Countryman
Austin A40 Devon nsf view
Austin A40 Devon osf view
Austin A40 Devon pickup in green
Austin A40 Devon pickup rear view
Austin A40 Farina Mk1
Austin A40 Farina Mk2 basket case
Austin A40 Farina Mk2 engine bay
Austin A40 Farina Mk2 front
Austin A40 Farina Mk2 interior
Austin A40 Farina Mk2 pickup
Austin A40 Farina Mk2 rally car
Austin A40 Farina Mk2 rear view
Austin A40 Farina Mk2 wreck
Austin A40 Mk2 circuit racer
Austin A40 Somerset
Austin A40 Somerset in the drive
Austin A40 Somerset interior
Austin A40 Somerset osf view
Austin A70
Austin A70 pickup
Austin Cambridge
Austin Gipsy driving by
Austin Gipsy fire appliance
Austin Heavy 12-4
Austin K series grille in blue
Austin K series lorry
Austin K series wagon
Austin K8
Austin K9
Austin K9 wrecker
Austin LD Police van
Austin Maxi
Austin Metropolitan
Austin Mini 1275GT
Austin Mini clubman estate
Austin Mini Cooper S
Austin Mini Cooper S at Oulton Park
Austin Mini Cooper S in blue
Austin Mini Cooper S Mk2
Austin Mini Cooper S rally
Austin Mini Mk1
Austin Mini pickup
Austin Mini Seven
Austin Mini Seven in red
Austin Minor 1000 pickup front view
Austin Minor 1000 pickup in white
Austin Sprite in cream
Austin Sprite in pale blue
Austin Sprite on a rally
Austin 1100
Morris 8 Series 1
Morris 8 Series E
Morris 8 Series E front view
Morris 8 Series E in two tone
Morris 8 Series E on a historic rally
Morris 8 Series E rear view driving by
Morris Bullnose in a museum
Morris Commercial
Morris Commercial Grille badge
Morris Cowley Bullnose
Morris Cowley in black
Morris Isis front view
Morris Isis rear view
Morris J Type van
Morris J Type van from the back
Morris J Type vans
Morris J2 pickup
Morris Mini Cooper S
Morris Mini Cooper S at Goodwood
Morris Minor 1000 engine bay
Morris Minor 1000 pickup in red
Morris Minor 1000 racing car
Morris Minor 1000 saloon restoration project
Morris Minor 1000 tourer
Morris Minor 1000 Traveller
Morris Minor 1000 undergoing restoration
Morris Minor 1000 van with A7
Morris Minor pickup at Goodwood
Morris Minor pickup in Dan Air colours
Morris Minor splitscreen
Morris Minor splitscreen restored
Morris Minor Van in green
Morris Minor van in red
Morris Oxford Farina
Morris Oxford Farina rear view
Morris Oxford front wing
Morris Oxford Series 3
Morris Oxford woodie
Morris Z van bonnet and engine
Morris Z van front view
Morris Z van rear view
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Welcome to Classic Austin & Morris.

Image and Information on old Austin & Morris Cars.

This site caters for anyone that likes looking at photos of old Austin and Morris vehicles from the 1920s through to the 1970s. All types of car are shown, saloon, open top and commercial variants all feature here.

Most of the photographs in this gallery have been taken at classic car shows up and down the UK. Others are examples of Austin or Morris that I've found while driving around, some were found in museums, and a few are images of old Austins that I've owned myself

I still own an A40 Mk1, and in the past I've had examples of A30, A35, A40 Mk1 and A40 Somerset, all of which appear on this new website. Classic Austin & Morris is a sister site to Old Classic Car.

Hopefully you'll find a picture of your favourite Austin or Morris somewhere in the lefthand menu!

Old Austin and Morrises